Sep 102018

“These are serious vows. Srila Prabhupada said that if he had relaxed the regulative principles he could have made millions of disciples. But he didn’t want cheap disciples. He said that one moon brightens the night more than millions of teeny stars twinkling. He wasn’t after twinkling stars; he was after one moon. And he said that by Krishna’s grace, he had gotten many moons.

“Prabhupada said that chanting is easy—anyone can chant—but the determination to chant, at least sixteen rounds daily, is not so easy.” —Giriraj Swami

First initiates:

1. Indira Manrakhan became Indira Radha dasi
2. Jenny Coopoosamy became as Jayasri Radhika dasi
3. Madhulika Rana became Yasomati dasi
4. Nishana Baboolall became Nitya Radhika dasi
5. Rajshree Soburrun became Rajesvari dasi
6. Satidanand Soburrun became Saci Dulal das
7. Salonee Robichon became Saci Sundari dasi
8. Cicily Carter became Sundari Priya dasi

Second initiates:

1. Abhirama das
2. Nitya-manjari dasi
3. Indira Radha dasi
4. Rajesvari dasi
5. Saci Dulal das
6. Saci Sundari dasi
7. Vrindavan Nath das
8. Karunavatara das
9. Kishori Radha dasi

Talk by Giriraj Swami, Keshava Bharati Das Goswami, and Bhakti Sundar Swami
Kirtan by Giriraj Swami
Talk by Giriraj Swami and Name Giving

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