Mar 212017

03.18.17_02.LagunaGRS_SDS“One day Sridhar Swami and I decided to do Govardhana parikrama together. I was feeling pretty sick, but I didn’t want to disappoint him by stopping. He was also feeling sick, and he was thinking, ‘I don’t want to disappoint Giriraj Maharaja by stopping,’ so he also kept pushing on. Pretty soon thereafter we were both in the hospital—he for his liver problem, and I for a heart condition. While he was in the hospital in Bombay, Tamal Krishna Goswami, Kesava Bharati Maharaja, and Giridhari Swami came from Vrindavan to visit him. Having cirrhosis of the liver and cancer, he was considered a terminal patient. They advised him that he should just go to Vrindavan and chant and hear about Krishna. Much as he appreciated their visit and respected them as senior godbrothers, he thought about it and concluded, ‘That’s not me. I want to live the way I am.’ So he kept traveling and preaching, practically to the very end.”

Sridhar Swami

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