Oct 262014

Damodar1Giriraj Swami read and spoke from Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.9, on Mother Yasoda’s binding Lord Krishna, which took place on the Dipavali day.

“Our goal is to bind Krishna within our minds and in our hearts. When we chant japa we know how hard it is to bind Krishna—He keeps running away, like Krishna was running away from Mother Yasoda. Of course, He is not really running away—our minds are running away. But we have to maintain our effort. That is the difference between offensive chanting—nama aparadha—and the clearing stage of chanting. In the clearing stage one makes the effort to bring the mind back to Krishna when the mind goes elsewhere. So, that is our effort, and it can be very demanding, even excruciating. From our side we have to make our best effort, and then Krishna from His side will bestow His mercy. And He does. He may not do it immediately, but He will do it enough to encourage us by showing that He is aware of our hard labor and our sincere desire and He is reciprocating.”

Binding Lord Krishna

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