Sep 232012

Giriraj Swami, Giridhari Swami, and others spoke during a Skype conversation with devotes in Mumbai on the occasion of  Giriraj Swami’s Vyasa-puja there.

“Our family lives should be organized such that all the family members are Krishna conscious. Then all the money we spend on the family will ultimately be directed toward Krishna’s service. And we should give money, or offer service, for the spreading of Krishna consciousness. Every aspect of our life should be somehow connected to Krishna, His devotees, and their service. And we should really put our hearts into what we do. Sometimes we may chant and read and not let Krishna enter deeply in our hearts — we may harbor material attachments in our hearts. Externally we may be chanting, reading, and going to spiritual programs, but internally we do not want to surrender fully to Krishna. It’s as if we have a split personality. Therefore it is an offense to maintain material attachments and to not have complete faith that the holy name, or Krishna, can fulfill all our desires — better than we can fulfill them by our own independent efforts.”

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