Sep 182012

A divine conclusion to purusottama-masa . . . In the evening, Giridhari Swami led a wonderful kirtana, which had the packed temple room — over forty devotees — dancing in ecstasy. Then he showed slides and spoke about his and other devotees’ inspiring activities and projects in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and Philippines. Giriraj Swami honored Rose Forkash, “ISKCON’s Mother,” who began and developed the Friends Of Lord Krishna (FOLK) outreach program with Srila Prabhupada’s personal blessings and direct guidance — it happened to be her ninety-second birthday — and she also spoke. Giriraj Swami led Sri Jagannathastaka for the last time in the month, and eight-year-old Lalita, daughter of Gauranga Prema and Janaki from Arcadia, recited the fifteenth chapter of the Bhagavad-gita, on purusottama-yoga, by heart.

Giriraj Swami’s prayer on the occasion: “May Sri Purusottama, the Supreme Person, the Lord of the universe, cast His merciful glance upon us and bless us all with His divine loving service.”

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