May 152020

Burning to ask my question, I raised my hand. ‘There are so many swamis and yogis,’ I began, ‘and each recommends a different process of self-realization, and each says that his is the best. So, how do I know which is actually best?’ Prabhupada responded, ‘What is your goal? Do you want to serve God, or do you want to become God? If you want to become God, that means you are not God now. And how can not-God become God? God is God. He is always God. He doesn’t have to become God by meditation. Krishna is always God. He is God when He is playing on the lap of Mother Yasoda; He is God when He is fighting at Kurukshetra. That is God. So, if you want to serve God and you sow the seed of devotional service and water it by chanting, God will provide the sunlight and all other favorable conditions to make it grow. But if you want to become God, then why should God help the competition?’ Then he said, ‘God is in your heart. He is ready to help you. You can become godly—but you cannot become God. If you want to become God, you are only cheating yourself.’ ”

Finding a Perfect Master (Right click to download)

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