Sep 062019

Giriraj Swami read and spoke from Bhagavad-gita 9.13:

“Here it is mentioned, bhajanty ananya-manaso, ‘without deviation of the mind.’ As we know from Bhagavad-gita and personal experience, the mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy. When the mind is engaged in Krishna consciousness, it is our best friend, and when it strays into maya, it becomes our worst enemy. By constitution, it is not a friend or an enemy—in fact, no one is—but by behavior it acts as a friend or an enemy. The mind has to be controlled by engaging it in Krishna consciousness. There are nine processes for engaging in Krishna consciousness, of which the primary three are hearing about Krishna, chanting about Krishna, and remembering Krishna. So, ananya manaso—we don’t want the mind to wander into any field other than Krishna consciousness.”

Radhastami morning talk (Right click to download)

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