May 052019


Initiation Ceremony by HH Giriraj Swami

Posted by ISKCON Durban on Saturday, May 4, 2019

On Sri Gadadhara Pandita’s appearance day, via Skype, Giriraj Swami officially connected seven disciples with Srila Prabhupada and the parampara: Anil Basdew became Ananda Krishna dasa, Clive Jugathpal became Krishna Kishore dasa, Leeann Govindsamy became Lila Manjari dasi, Mayawatee Sewjathan became Madhumati dasi, Pranesa Sewpershad became Pradhana Gopika dasi, Reena Sewpershad became Radhika Kishori dasi, and Sheena Basdew became Shobha Radha dasi. Please bless them and support them in their efforts in Krishna consciousness.

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