Apr 052019

“The residents of Vrindavan, including Srimati Radharani, decided to go to Kurukshetra to see Krishna. Krishna, or Jagannatha, with His sister, Subhadra, and brother, Balarama, went from Dvaraka to Kurukshetra on a chariot. At Kurukshetra, the residents of Vrindavan met them and they were filled with ecstatic love to see Krishna again after a long separation. But Srimati Radharani felt that She could not enjoy serving Krishna the same way at Kurukshetra as She did in Vrindavan. In Kurukshetra Krishna was dressed as a royal prince, there was the clatter of chariots, there were horses and elephants, whereas Vrindavan is a very sweet pastoral place. So Radharani’s mood was, ‘I am the same Radharani, and you are the same Krishna, but We cannot relish our time together in this opulent realm of Kurukshetra, so please come back to Vrindavan.’ The internal spiritual mood of the devotees while pulling the chariot with ropes is that they are bringing Krishna back to Vrindavan.”

Sunday Festival Talk

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