Feb 232019

“We will not be able to chant purely as long as we are absorbed in material thoughts. How can we chant Krishna’s name if we are not inclined to serve Him? A person interested in sense gratification, who is fond of cheating and who is a hypocrite, can never chant the holy name. Those who do not understand that the Lord’s holy name and the Lord Himself are nondifferent will face obstacles in chanting. Chanting begins when we are inclined to serve the Lord. Unless we are convinced that the holy name is directly the Lord Himself, how will we chant? The Lord’s sacred name does not manifest on the tongue if the heart is filled with the current of mundane thought. Therefore, it is not possible to chant the holy name until the mind is spiritualized. Only a person whose material conception has been destroyed is able to chant Hari’s name constantly.

“We are suffering because we serve our material desires. If our material desires are strong we will become Maya’s servants and may even take birth as ghosts or evil spirits. When by serving guru and Krishna the heart becomes purified, the Lord’s pure name will appear in the heart. Otherwise, we will continue to commit offenses against the holy name.”

Hare Krishna.

Yours in service,
Giriraj Swami

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