Jun 232018

Today we were blessed to observe Nirjala Ekadasi with about twenty devotees from the Mantra House program in Los Angeles. Not only did we chant many rounds together, but we also discussed many interesting points related to the practice and preaching of Krishna consciousness. “Everyone should be friendly for the service of the Lord. Everyone should praise another’s service to the Lord and not be proud of his own service. This is the way of Vaisnava thinking . . . Everyone should be allowed to render service to the Lord to the best of his ability, and everyone should appreciate the service of others.” (Srimad-Bhagavatam 7.5.12 purport)

Hare Krishna.

Yours in service,

Giriraj Swami

Nirjala Ekadasi with Mantra House Devotees (Right click to download)

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