Jun 012018

After almost fifty years, I was surprised to receive a letter this week from my freshman roommate at Brandeis University, Sam Hamburg. He had heard that I had “changed my name” from Glenn Teton to Giriraj, and he had traced me, followed me, and then written me, saying that he would be in Santa Barbara on Friday, June 1, and asking if he could visit. I welcomed him, and we spent two wonderful hours together. Since Brandeis, he had become a clinical psychologist, specializing in marriage, and I had become a Hare Krishna devotee. We remembered old friends and professors, shared experiences and lessons learned, and found that fifty years had not diminished our affection and appreciation for each other. He gave me a copy of his book Will Our Love Last? A Couple’s Road Map, and I gave him a copy of my Life’s Final Exam.

Sam, thank you so much for remembering me and visiting me. I treasure our friendship.


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