May 112018

In a talk with Srila Prabhupada in Chicago, on July 5, 1975, Tamal Krishna Goswami asked him about Ekadasi. “Sometimes we have heard that Ekadasi is an inauspicious alignment of the planets and that therefore one has to counteract this inauspiciousness by chanting more.”

Prabhupada laughed. “No, no. It is the most auspicious. And chanting is more effective.”

“I remember you were instructing once that all of your initiated disciples should chant twenty-five rounds . . .”


“Minimum on this day. Is that a rule that we should all follow in our temples?”

“We are sixteen rounds.”

“No, I mean on Ekadasi.”

“Oh, yes. Ekadasi, simply you should chant. No other business.”

Later, in Mayapur on February 11, 1976, Tamal Krishna asked for further clarification: “We should always chant twenty-five rounds on Ekadasi if initiated?”

“Initiated? Everyone. Why initiated?”

“So, that should be standard for our movement on Ekadasi day?”

“Standard is sixteen, but if one can chant more, then he is welcome.”

“It’s not mandatory for Ekadasi.”

“No. Ekadasi means that—fasting and chanting.”

“Sometimes I’m wondering, because our men have to go out on book distribution.”

“No, no. That is also preaching work. For that purpose you can stop this. But generally, one who has no preaching work, he can chant.”


“Yes, extra.”

“I see.”

Hare Krishna.

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