Apr 292018

“Prahlada Maharaja said that even saintly persons are pleased when a snake or a scorpion is killed. The significance of this statement is that Nrsimhadeva had killed the demon Hiranyakasipu, but he was still angry. He was still in a ferocious mood because he thought that people may criticize or find fault with him that he had killed the father of this five-year-old boy and now the boy had no father. So, in order to pacify the Lord, Prahlada uttered this verse: even a saintly person is happy when a snake or a scorpion is killed. He is telling Lord Nrsimhadeva not to worry, that no one will be displeased with him for this action, because Hiranyakasipu was like a snake or a scorpion biting and stinging people for no reason, and even saintly persons are pleased when such a person is killed. Then Lord Nrsimhadeva was pacified.”

Nrsimha-caturdasi (Right click to download)

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