Mar 272018

Giriraj Swami read and spoke from Sri Brhad-bhagavatamrta (2.4.250-274).

“Gopa-kumara said, ‘Hanuman then quickly made me leave that place and enter the inner precincts of the city, where I saw the most amazing sight — the Supreme Lord in His form as the best of human beings. He sat comfortably on a royal throne in the best of palaces, a palace full in all charming attractions. Happy and marked with all the signs of a great personage, He seemed somewhat like Lord Narayana.’ (Text 255-256) Commentary by Srila Sanatana Gosvami: ‘Lord Ramacandra’s face beamed with satisfaction, and His body showed all the marks of a perfect person that are set forth in scripture, such as an expansive chest, a neck like a bull’s, and mighty arms as broad as the trunk of a sala tree. His youthfulness, His ornaments, and the exquisite shape of His limbs made Him look much like the Lord of Vaikuntha.’ (256) ‘But certain especially attractive features distinguished Him from that Lord.’ (Text 257)”

First kirtan by Sarvatma dasa (Right-click to download)
Kirtan by Isvara Puri dasa (Right-click to download)
Second kirtan by Sarvatma dasa (Right-click to download)
Talk by Giriraj Swami (Right-click to download)
Nrsimha Prayers by Giriraj Swami (right-click to download)

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