Mar 122018

“If someone has sraddha, faith, they can give you faith. That means they can make you a devotee, because devotional service begins with faith—adau sraddha [Brs 1.4.15, Cc Madhya 23.14]. So, the conclusion is that we should treasure and serve every devotee. Each and every devotee is special. That is Lord Caitanya’s instruction: Always chant the holy names and serve the devotees. So if we serve the devotees and always chant the holy name, our pathway back to Godhead is cleared. Not only can we go back to Godhead, but we can take many others with us. That is the basic principle of the Panca-tattva—to taste Krishna consciousness and give it to others.”—Giriraj Swami

Vaisesika Dasa – Talk and Kirtan (Right click to download)
Giriraj Swami’s Kirtan (Right click to download)
Giriraj Swami’s Talk (Right click to download)

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