Mar 202017

SDHS GRS CarpinteriaToday is the disappearance anniversary of His Holiness Sridhar Swami Maharaja, Srila Prabhupada’s staunch disciple and our dear godbrother. As I wrote in Many Moons, “Three days after Sridhar Maharaja left, while on my daily walk, in Santa Barbara, I suddenly began to feel blissful, and I felt Maharaja’s presence. Then I imagined that he gave me two instructions. The first was ‘I am still here. Be happy.’ And the second was ‘Just be yourself. Each one of us has his own contribution to make, so just be yourself and make your contribution.’ And then he left.

“After he left, I considered what had happened. Clearly, his two instructions were meant not only for me. They were meant for everyone. And his instructions covered all points. Especially his last statement had said it all: ‘Just be yourself and make your contribution.’

“Thank you, Maharaja. We love you.”

Hare Krishna.

Your aspiring servant,
Giriraj Swami

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