Nov 242011

“Giriraj Govardhan is a manifestation of Krishna’s heart. And the heart is usually the core of the person. We say, ‘If you want to understand me, you have to know my heart.’ If you know someone’s heart, then only you know the person. So, my dear devotees, Giriraj is Krishna’s heart, a manifestation of Krishna’s loving heart to please the foremost of His devotees, Srimati Radharani. He is Krishna Himself. For that reason devotees are extremely hesitant to take Giriraj away from Vraj. They know this is the heart of the Lord, and He never wants  to leave Vrindavan. So enter the world — the heart — of Krishna while you are here. Hear about Him. Get to know Him more. Develop your relationship with Him. Take time for Krishna. Forget your old surroundings and your old world  —  it is not required. Enter this new world.” — Sacinandana Swami

Oct 072010

“There are anarthas, such as the desire for recognition and fame, in the heart, and they give you trouble. Now what are you going to do about them? Do you believe that they will eventually just automatically disappear? No. One should think, “Let’s look at what they are exactly. Why are they there? Let me open the closet,” and so on. Then let the light of Krishna consciousness shine on them.

I have done this over the past years and found great benefit. I see how things that I previously didn’t dare to look at now dissolve. And do you know why they dissolve? It is not because of my own strength. I am too weak. I am a conditioned soul. These materialistic anarthas have been here life after life. Just having knowledge of some verses will not drive them away. I sincerely have to turn to Krishna. And the question that Krishna asks is, “Wait a minute, you are asking me to take this away. Do you really want to lose it?” And I think, “Of course, we have our philosophy.” But Krishna asks, “Are you really prepared to become a humble devotee without any prestige and honor?” And then I have to scratch my head. And I begin to understand why my lips say, “I want to be pure,” yet my heart says, “But not just now, please. I actually like these things.” This is the situation of a conditioned soul who is divided.” — Sacinandana Swami

Oct 062010

The first Bhagavat Life Japa Retreat Level 3, facilitated by Sacinandana Swami, Giriraj Swami, Arcana Siddhi Dasi, and Yajna Purusa Dasa, and joined by about forty other devotees, began on Saturday, September 25, at Seva Retreat at The Elkins Estate, Philadelphia. At the first session, Sacinandana Swami and Giriraj Swami spoke on entering the retreat.

Japa Walk Meditation

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Apr 302010

The following video shows Giriraj Swami on one of his daily japa walks.  During his walks he always remains focused on the holy names — Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

Jul 222009

Giriraj Swami and Ravindra Svarupa dasa spoke these encouraging words as the participants in Level 2 embarked on their second sixty-four round day.



Giriraj Swami placed on our altar an extraordinary murti of Namacarya Haridasa Thakura. This murti was carved from wood of a branch of the ancient Siddha-bakula tree, where Haridasa used to sit and chant. The branch had been torn off by wind.